Sometimes all you need to do is grab your gear and take a walk. Opportunities are endless and you just need to look out for it.

Location: Kelkheim & Bad Soden, Taunus, Germany

3 thoughts on “Outdoors”

  1. Nicely done! You’ve got some wonderful photos, a new way of looking at everyday subjects. I would suggest you consider adding an “About Me” page (and get rid of the cookies banner if you’re not really using them for anything). (I saw your message and link on DPS.)

    1. Hey Paul,

      thanks for the honest feedback and of course for taking your time and looking through this website.
      I really appreciate the feedback.
      I disabled the cookie notice for now – I’m not completely firm in the whole GDPR stuff so I thought it’s basically mandatory. I’ll read up on that. But then again as you’ve said: I’m not doing anything with the cookies actively.
      I’ll add an about me page and a blog soon.
      Feel free to check out the website from time to time and leave feedback and criticism if you feel like it.

      Thanks and have great festive days,

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