Photography was always an interesting topic for me.

I grew up in the era of classic film-photography. This was nice to have but did not fascinate me. During my holiday-trips with the family, I took some pictures – But they were never intended as a hobby or had any artistic style to it.

Photography got interesting again with the age of the smartphone. Digital photography was already well established and because I am really into everything electronic and digital, it became interesting for me. When I bought my first smartphone (Nokia Lumia 920), I went into the rabbit hole called “photography”.
Digital SLR cameras were too big and heavy for me because I wanted to be mobile and take the camera with me.
After two additional smartphones from Nokia / Microsoft, I realized that I really like digital photography and that it is a hobby of mine. So I purchased a Sony Alpha A6000.

The camera is compact, lightweight and a proper entry into digital photography for me.

I am always on the lookout for new opportunities and motives and I am improving myself constantly.

This website and the accompanying blog are my personal space in the world wide web where I document and present my tours and photo-sessions.
Constructive criticism is always appreciated and helps me to improve myself and my abilities.